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Found 1 result

  1. Markus Nylund

    Getting back into training

    Hi there! This is my first post although I joined in the beginning of the year from fundamentals, foundation, stretching series, handstand 1, etc and built from there. I did this for 3-4 months but for one reason or another I gave up because...I dont know, perhaps impatience. I just went back to weights and then gave up after that. Now haven't been doing much anything since summer. Just I don't know really. Life got the best of me and I lost motivation. Thinking about upgrading so I have all of the programs. I figured maybe the invesment will help motivate me to really committ. Long term! I think I also got a little overwhelmed last time. I found the stretch series to be far too advanced for me. So this time i'm thinking of taking that lighter (maybe doing half the workout or half the time and reps). Or maybe just replacing them with movement course or just more mobility. I'd also like to combine it with weights somehow maybe a few times a week. I do want to put on muscle. Would appreciate if you have any suggestions so I get my head and body back in the game. Maybe you can point me in the right direction with resources, forum posts, books, videos. Anything that can help me figure this out. I think my weakness is the mental aspects of training. Stop hoping for short term results and commit to this properly. I just want starting training again. November 1st is when I begin. Anyways, good to get my first post out there. It only took me 10 months! Maybe this will also help keep me on track. To connect with likeminded people and contribute to the community. So yeah. I'm Markus, 34, from Finland, musician. I'm here to train and kick ass and be a positive force! Huge respect and love for y'all
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