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Found 1 result

  1. hey guys, ive been having some issues with my left (dominant) leg for about 2-3 years now. yes, ive already been to the doc and had mri/mrt, but nobody seemed to find my actual problem yet. i will try to tell you my little story here... hopefully someone could help me out. ive been very active all my life, doing comp. gymnastics (4-7 times a week) till the age of 13, then started playing basketball till the age of 23 (3-5 times a week). the first time i realised there was something wrong with my knee was (age 22-23), when i came up from a basic deep squat position at home (no weight involved), when i heard this really weird grinding noise all the way up to about 90°, then it stopped until my legs were completly straight again. to this day i have this noise - only when pressing up from a deep squat and the sound stops at around 90°, no pain involved. obviosly feels uncomfortable but its not like i have to stop the movement. so i went to the doc and got checked, he basicly told me its arthritis because of all the jumping i have done all my live and i just have to keep strengthening my leg. started doing strength excercises, squats, extensions, curls, stiff legged stuff, lunges etc. my legs definetly got stronger but the weird grinding noise + just feeling my knee doesnt work as good as my healthy one left me thinking again. went to a different doc and got my first mri/mrt done cause i wanted someone to look at the whole joint + tendons/ligaments... turns out 'nothing' was wrong with my knee joint, no ripped ligaments or tendons etc. doc said he doesent know either, keep strengthening, so i did. about 6 months ago i wanted to stand up out of a chair and couldnt straighten my leg. didnt know what was wrong and got another mri/mrt. now i got a pretty annoying bakers/popliteal cyst in the back of my knee. this is always a secondary effect, so there HAS to be something worng with my knee joint itself to over-produce joint fluid that is now in the back of my knee and idk if its around my kneecab too, but my kneecab has been swollen everytime the cyst was 'active'. the cyst went away for some time after i tried to stretch in a frontsplit position with the bad knee in front, something poped and was kinda scared.. but the next day the cyst was gone, yes! well... cyst came back even bigger about 1 month later and has not been getting better any. once i bend my knee to 90° im not able to straighten it again until i massage the back of my knee while straightening. i dont want to get the thing removed because it can always come back. i have to solve the primary problem so the cyst will go away itself, but i dont know how? stretching always feels good except for kneeling positions like the first few ankle stretches in the MS Series. strengthening is kinda hard cause once i bend it, i cant straighten it again, remember? so this knee is giving me and my training a really hard time, i hope to find someone who might have some ideas how to solve or even wirth with this.. or might even have/had to same problem. let me know if i have any info missing. sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance! chris

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