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Found 1 result

  1. I've been reading about the wonders of Kefir, Liver and buckwheat. I'm currently working in Poland and wonderfully for me every shop pretty much stacks Kefir, so I've been drinking it all the time, buckwheat is also common place and is often served in restaurants. Liver, buckwheat with fried onions is also on most menus! And on the side you can order a glass of kefir! Seems like heaven. There is one food that I believe has been completely omitted on this forum and one that is particularly good for vegetarians and that is Mung beans, particularly Yellow Split Mung Beans / Mung / Moong dal (so not the green one). The problem with most beans is farting and poor digestion, the yellow split beans are the only beans that produce no gas whatsoever and are very easily digested. They have a high protein content around 23% as well as a high carb content at 50+% and trace fat content. The great thing is the mung bean can be easily cooked and then mashed up so it becomes just like mash potato, or you can just cook some potatoes with it and mash it up together! Just thought I'd put it out there, only trouble for me is it's nearly impossible to find it in Poland (without an unacceptable price tag!), in the UK it's found quite cheaply in pretty much every Asian/Oriental supermarket.

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