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Found 2 results

  1. I've been reading about the wonders of Kefir, Liver and buckwheat. I'm currently working in Poland and wonderfully for me every shop pretty much stacks Kefir, so I've been drinking it all the time, buckwheat is also common place and is often served in restaurants. Liver, buckwheat with fried onions is also on most menus! And on the side you can order a glass of kefir! Seems like heaven. There is one food that I believe has been completely omitted on this forum and one that is particularly good for vegetarians and that is Mung beans, particularly Yellow Split Mung Beans / Mung / Moong dal (so not the green one). The problem with most beans is farting and poor digestion, the yellow split beans are the only beans that produce no gas whatsoever and are very easily digested. They have a high protein content around 23% as well as a high carb content at 50+% and trace fat content. The great thing is the mung bean can be easily cooked and then mashed up so it becomes just like mash potato, or you can just cook some potatoes with it and mash it up together! Just thought I'd put it out there, only trouble for me is it's nearly impossible to find it in Poland (without an unacceptable price tag!), in the UK it's found quite cheaply in pretty much every Asian/Oriental supermarket.
  2. Hello everyone, I have read some excellent posts and threads on this forum but there is just so much information to get your head around, How does one generally go about creating a diet plan for fat loss without it negatively affecting your energy levels and muscles? Also one that is fast and cheap since I have very little time to no time to cook and prepare food, I work 9 hours a day even on weekends + I am doing 1 hour of Yoga every morning and 1-2 hours of Gymnastics or conditioning most evenings and while I've bulked up I cannot seem to shift the flub. My problem is everytime I try to diet or cut back I fall flat on my face for lack of energy. I'd like to find and stick to a diet where I can lose weight but still have energy and the muscle gains while training, I know that in general the worst thing you can do is combine fats and carbs/sugars, so cakes, biscuits and fries with mayo are the road to fatty land. My situation is a little unique since I had some severe unusual gastroinestinal problems for 3-4 years which left me bed ridden for one of those, it has left me with some dietary issues and paradoxically one of those was becoming overweight (although I've lost a lot so far), since I could only eat fats combined with carbs in that time, so ironically I was alright with junk food cakes etc. but a nice piece of fish or just straight rice was out of the question. Here are my issues: -I now digest very slowly and I have issues with bowel movements if it is low/no fat, a sandwich can take me 4 hours or more. Fast fatty food I can pass through quicker, ironically junk food like chocolates I can digest fast. So I have to plan meals at least 4 hours before training or exercise. -I have difficulty digesting protein, I cannot eat mushrooms or red meat for example, still cannot eat fish and cannot do whey protein or other powders. -When I do eat protein I cannot eat too much and I have to eat it with fat, so I'd be sick with just lean chicken or tuna for example but could do a fatty chicken kebab. -I require fat in my diet, so for example if I ate just rice or potatoes every day with no fat I'd be sick and would have poor bowel movements. -I am B12 deficient -I cannot eat too much dairy Given that a high protein/high acid diet makes me very sick I tried to go for an alkali diet and do vegetarianism and eventually veganism, but I fell flat on my face for lack of energy and also my bowel movements were terrible. I was basically eating yellow split mung beans (high in protein) and white rice with a little ghee so kitchari, supplemented with vegetables. However I did try numerous variations of grains and beans and I did it for 1 1/2 months but coudln't keep it up. I would so very much prefer to be a vegetarian for various reasons including being on a more alkaline diet. Last but not least, eating grains and/or potatoes makes me gain weight very fast, although ideally I would have wanted to eat a potato diet with vegetables. I have found liver to be my new friend and I actually crave it, makes sense with the B12 deficiency. Sorry for the length of this, would really like to find something cheap and fast that works and that I can stick with, lose fat while still enjoying muscle gains and energy.
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