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Found 2 results

  1. There are a number of topics on this forum that skirt around this issue, so please allow me to ask this question just to be clear: The 7-minute Warmup and Daily Limber videos are both available but do different stretches. Are they essentially the same routine? Should I do one or the other or both? I have completed the Fundamentals course and have been progressing through Level 1/Foundations 1. However, I am still confused about warming up. I think the consensus here is that doing 10 minutes of cardio before anything is recommended. My current practice is to do the 7-minute Warmup first, in the place of the 10 minutes of cardio, then to follow this up with the Daily Limber. While the description says Daily Limber should only take 5 mins, I do each stretch for about 30 seconds. I should probably increase this to 60. The 7-minute Warmup does not seem to be as much a total body routine as the Daily Limber. Would anyone like to chime in on this subject? Can you please clear this up for me? Thanking you in advance. Either way, the Stretch Series is really helping me to recover from my long distance running and, as a 50-year old, I am much more confident during the body weight workouts than when lifting weights by myself in my home gym.
  2. Hello all, I'm currently a few months into Foundation One and loving it. Is there a consensus on a 'good' multi purpose warmup/limber for non GST activities? Not to prepare for big workouts but for example: Stretch after biking to work for 30 mins Leisurely soccer game in a lunch break Getting out of a 2 hour stationary meeting Etc. A search of the forums didn't give in any results. Thank you!
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