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Found 2 results

  1. Andreas Manousakis

    Books on tumbling?

    What books would you suggest on understanding tumbling skills theoretically as well as practically? From simple to more complex books, anything that takes theory into practice and gives thorough explanations. Tumbling goes hand in hand with GST and flexibility; any suggestions on them? Thanks, Andreas
  2. Daryl Chan

    Help developing a routine

    Hello everyone my name is Daryl Chan. I was a tricker, doing flips and stuff, but i had surgery and was unable to move very much now that i am getting back on my feet. I am becoming more interested in the world of handbalancing.I have realised if i do not do handstands a bit every other day at least, I begin to lose the feeling and it slips away a bit. I was wondering if people would be willing to share their routines with me, and or maybe help me develope one of my own. As for my current handstand abilities. I will post a link below. sorry, i do not know how to post in the thread videos. my goals would be to eventually progress to one handed handstands Please feel free to comment critique or just help me devise a routine thank you.
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