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Found 2 results

  1. Sol Hermelin

    Pbars vs Floor for Manna

    Hey everyone, I was at open gym the other week and asked the coach to take a look at my manna. I always worked my manna on the floor, as that's what I've always seen on gymnasticbodies, but the coach actually told me I should be training the manna on pbars. He told me it's actually easier on pbars. However, when I went to try it on the pbars, I could barely lift my hips to a v-sit position (feet pointing to the ceiling) whereas on the floor I'm entering my last stretch to achieving the manna. The coach summed it up to me actually "cheating" the manna on the ground my leaning back and compensating with the forearm strength I've amassed from ring training. So my question is, how does our wonderful Coach here at gymnasticbodies approach this? Is the manna on pbars harder or easier than the manna on floor? Which should I be working? P.S. I'll try to get a good picture of my manna on the floor to post.
  2. Tinu Blaettler

    SANTA MONICA beach facility

    Hey guys, If you're ever in Santa Monica, you should use the facilities at the beach for a bodyweight training session. This place is simply awesome! They got Pbars, Rings, Traveller Rings, Ropes and much more! For an impression, you can watch my video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tq8EprtsWw

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