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Found 2 results

  1. Raidho

    Landing in hollow?

    So I've taken up some parkour-training along with F1 and rehabing after shoulder surgery. REEEAAALLY basic stuff like jumping and landing silently and in control. I'm staying away from the different vaults until the end of the year. A question on landing and absorption of impact and what is best for the spine, especially the lower back. It seems as when I land straight down, I tend to let my lower back go into extension. I do of course land on the balls of my feet and bend the knees, but what about hip rotation and the spine? It feels as if I'm gonna hurt myself if i don't watch it. Should I think that my spine should be as if in a hollow body position? Aka the tailbone a bit tucked under? How do I best distribute the impact through out my body if i don't roll? I figure gymnast must be quite good at this since they regularly "stick landings" dismounting from stallbars, rings etc.
  2. Hi everybody. Right now I am taking a break from strength training because of a rotator cuff injury. While I am recovering I figured I might as well ask you this, since it has been on my mind for a long time. Is it possible with good results to create a foundation-like training program with gymnastics for parkour? It would not be the same as foundation, because parkour requires you to train (some) plyometrics along with maximal strength. Parkour and evenmoreso freerunning is street gymnastics with a minimalism approach. This means that equipment like rings, ropes, paralettes and so on would not be ideal, unless you want to do your training in a gym. A place where gymnastics are very different from parkour is the utilization of kips and swings to cheat yourself to explosiveness. That kipping motion rather a straight body position should indeed be emphasized. Another point is that parkour relies heavily on jump height and lenght; more than gymnastics. So I guess heavy squats with low reps would do it. Maybe add deadlift as well. Other than that for lower body; if you do parkour on off days the plyometric training would be integrated into normal parkour/technique training. The information in pic related I wrote to 4chan.org/asp's (alternative sports board) parkour community. They thought my advice was great. But it was written quite impulsive and I do not pretend like if it is a thorough work. I would appreciate if you would comment what I wrote, maybe come op with a work out plan yourself, or just leave some thoughts on the subject.
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