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Found 2 results

  1. Alexander Castiglione

    Freestanding Headstand Pushup Help

    Hey GB, So I'm working on Headstand Pushups freestanding. I can do them all day "against a wall" in the bastardized Crossfit fashion - in fact can crank out over 20 strict, so strength isn't the issue, it's balance. I'm still working on handstands, now am just working on good alignment against the wall, wall runs, etc - i can nail a 10-15s freestanding handstand every now and then (i know, nothing to write home about). That being said, are my attempts at a freestanding HeSPU in vain? or can someone give me some pointers? What i'm concentrating on at the bottom is to maintain that slight lean, PPT, squeeze glutes, then start to cant vertically and press out. I can get to the top, but I either fall out of position at the top, or when I'm lowering. Anybody else have similar issues? Fixes or drills that worked? Thanks!
  2. I've moved my hand from 8 inches away from the wall to 5.5 inches. My belly to the wall HeSPU has gotten incredible hard. I can hold a wall HS 60s for 3 sets, so I should have the strength for HeSPU. I was able to perform 1 or 2 reps of HeSPU with my hands at 8 inches. With hands at 6 inches I can maybe do 1, but I feel my balance point is to far forward for me at the bottom of HeSPU and I'm falling forwards. I understand that we want our hands as close as possible to the wall for wall Handstands, does that idea not apply to HeSPU? Also in the interest of deloading intensity, what movement would be 80% of 1 rep max HeSPU? Box HeSPU for 3 sets of 3 OR 3 sets of 5? I know that negative wall HeSPU are the next level down, but 3 sets of 3 negative HeSPU seems pretty intense. I think I need to add the deloading because after 4 months of GB programming my max rep HeSPU has remained the same. ( 1 or 2 reps ) I'm even thinking about incorportating strict pressing my 70 lb kettlebells ( max is about 10 reps ) because that'd be about 60% of the load of my HeSPU. ( I weigh 230 lbs ) Would these KB presses help with the development of more reps in HeSPU or is the movement too different. I'm trying to press with my elbows tucked forward so it's more a tricep movement like the freestanding HeSPU is.
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