Post-Workout Nutrition: How To Eat For Optimal Recovery

workout nurition

You may already know that your post-workout nutrition is every bit as important as your training regimen—and it should get every bit as much of your attention as your exercise selection. Your body is rebuilding itself from the inside out in a constant state of regeneration, but when you throw in a hard workout, the

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Fuel Up: Top 10 Pre-Workout Foods

pre-workout foods

Getting prepared for another daily workout session and need some extra fuel to make it through? Try energizing up with these delicious pre-workout foods. A healthy pre-workout meal often helps us perform better (especially if we wake up feeling like our tank is empty). If you’re opting for a pre-workout snack, we recommend a combination

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Water and Exercise: Why Your Body Needs H2O

water athlete

How can you tell if you’re drinking enough water? We are sure you have heard the recommended is 8 glasses for a daily dose, while the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine specifies about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) for women. But what is this consumption of

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Blast the Diet, Reform Your Eating Habits Instead

eating habits

Reform Your Eating Habits Drop some freshly marinated motivation on the grill, toss up a little “can-do-never-gonna-quit” salad, trash any leftover excuses, and dine at the table of your dreams. Think this sounds cheesy? The truth is, the more positivity you feed your psyche, the higher chance you have at success, anywhere in life. Couple

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Protein: Truths, Myths, and How Much You Need to Thrive!

protein in athlete diet

Let’s trim the fat, simplify protein, and address the ins and outs of this largely misunderstood nutrient. Protein seems to either be wildly overcomplicated, neglected completely, or the source of unusual misconceptions and strange gym rituals. The truth is that protein in your diet is simple! We won’t get into all of the nonsense surrounding protein. Instead,

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Fat Loss and Muscle Gain: Skip the Scale

fat loss and muscle gain

Don’t let the numbers on the scale or other tricky body measurements get you down! Fat loss and muscle gain can be easy! We have THE BEST diet and exercise tips to improve your body’s composition and help you make steady progress towards your goals. The number on the scale can be misleading. For one thing,

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Thrive Nutritional Pyramid

The GymnasticBodies Thrive Nutrition Pyramid

I am a pro supplement guy but in terms of nutritional results a pyramid can only be as high as the base is wide. The base of nutrition looks like this:     At the base level no amount of supplement or prebiotic will produce any results until you eat it with a solid diet. High

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The Best Do the Basics Better: Nutrition

GymnasticBodies Coach Jeff Serven takes a photo with Zach More of the Minnesota Vikings

When the topic of nutrition appears on the internet, it is likely followed by hundreds of opinionated comments about this or that diet that promises to help you lose weight as fast as possible. If all you do is eat certain foods and avoid others, so the argument goes, you will lose body fat, gain

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