Fix Chronically Tight Shoulders with Cat Stretch

The cat stretch is a potent GymnasticBodies chest and shoulder opener.

Cats are known to be one of the most agile animals on their feet. Some say that they always land on their feet. So, it’s no surprise that they would have such a fitting exercise named after them. The cat stretch is one of the best weapons to combat a tight chest and upper back.

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Strengthen Your Straddle for Healthier Hips

GymnasticBodies female athlete displays amazing mobility and strength as she performs a static hold called the straddle L.

Our hips are powerhouses, helping us through virtually every lower body movement and providing stability for us in upper body exercises as well. With so much power, comes responsibility, as in you have to take care of them! Our daily sitting (driving, desk work, school) all adds up to one thing: tight and weak hips.

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Shoulder Tune Up: Resistance Bands to Fix the Tight Spots

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates trap strength with band pulls.

Most of us carry the weight of the world on one body part. If you guessed shoulders, congratulations, you’re a human being! Our shoulders can fall victim to a lot of tension and stiffness, whether it be from carrying stress or carrying a toddler. All of us can work to improve our range of motion

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The Best Static Stretch for Full Body Benefits

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a full body stretch against the wall.

Have you been searching for a multipurpose, all-encompassing mobility drill you can easily add into your routine? One that works to stretch and lengthen the tendons, muscles, and ligaments from your heels to your lumbar spine? We’ve got a secret tip: no matter what type of workout you engage in, there is one easy-to-execute stretch

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How Old Is Your Spine? Two Tests To Assess (and Improve) Spinal Mobility

GymnasticBodies female athletes stretches and mobilizes her healthy spine.

When it comes to strength training, we tend to break our workouts down into body parts. Today may be arm day. Maybe some core work tomorrow. But how are you implementing regular mobility work into your routine in order to take care of your spine? You’ve probably been around long enough to know what lower

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3 Prevention Tactics To Prepare Your Wrists For The Rigors Of Everyday Life

Gymnasts must spend time preparing their wrists against injury.

The human body contains approximately 206 bones spanning from head to toe. What’s even more impressive is that over 50 of those bones are found in your hands and wrists. This bone-dense region allows you to move your hands through a myriad of different positions. Sadly, most adults forget that their hands possess this extraordinary

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Hips 101: Loosen This 1 Critical Area BEFORE Stretching Hip Flexors

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a standing hip flexor stretch.

Stretching out tight hip flexors gets PLENTY of hype, but don’t be fooled! A critical step is most likely being skipped before the proper treatment of your hip flexors is addressed. We’re going to give you the openers you seek, but not before we prime your hips to absorb all the love you’re trying to

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3 Minute Break: How To Reverse the Symptoms of Adulting and Desk Work

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how to keep wrists and forearms limber after working on a computer all day.

Your body, no doubt, has the amazing ability to adapt to changes in its environment. An easy example to see this is how people who live in warmer climates tend to have a slightly lower core body temperature, on average, than people who live in colder climates. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t only adapt in a

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Limber Up! A Short How-to Guide for Daily Stretching

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how to stretch the upper thoracic.

How can just a few minutes of daily mobilization affect your health, posture, and performance? Is it really as simple as a few minutes here, a few there? With a little bit of direction and commitment, you can be well on your way to this one seriously healthy habit and incredible mobility as a result.

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Just Breathe! Use These Simple Stretches to Relax and Unwind

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates a middle split progression.

We all have those days that seem ruined the minute we hit snooze (for the third time). One thing after another keeps building up until we are just ready to crawl under the covers with some Netflix and wine to hide until the weekend! On days like this, the last thing we want to do

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