Building Your Arsenal: 5 Exercises for Bulletproof Knees


Let’s face it—injuries suck! There’s nothing worse than being limited to the things you can and can’t do by your own body. It’s frustrating and straight-up annoying! But sometimes it seems like there’s no way to avoid them—as if certain injuries, aches, and pains are bound to happen at one point or another. As humans,

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3 Simple Moves for Healthy and Strong Hip-Flexors

hip flexors

Imagine that you no longer feel tightness in your lower back and you can participate in sports, intense training, and all the life pleasures more fully. Very often, the culprit to achy and tight lower back problems could be what you least expect – your hip-flexors are holding you back. If you’ve ever suffered from

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Stretching for Mobility Gains

stretching for mobility

How would you explain the relationship between flexibility and mobility? Are they the same or not? If you’ve been confused by the two, let us help smooth things out. Here's our take on how to distinguish between them and why you should be stretching for mobility gains. It’s important to discuss the correlation between mobility

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2 Minute Stretch to Improve Your Handstand Line

handstand line

Whether you are working towards better skill and adjustments or looking to give your handstand line a bonus for better long-term sustainability, this simple stretch based around the GymnasticBodies techniques will help you see an immediate difference in your handstand, as well as your overhead lifting mechanics, day in and day out. Add this exercise

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3 Tips to Loosen Tight Shoulders

tight shoulders

As adults, we tend to settle for whatever “natural limitations” life throws at our bodies. We’ve been taught that getting stiff and achy is a part of life – and aging – that we all need to accept—but we don’t! Your joints tighten up when they are not being used enough, or if they are

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Perfect Your Posture with these Three Exercises

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates a great shoulder warm-up and mobility-builder, weighted shoulder extension.

Standing with great posture has been proven to not only make you look more confident, but makes you feel more confident too! Shoulders pulled back, head high, you’re ready to take on whatever comes at you for the day. Whether that be charming your acquaintance into a first date, finally asking for that raise, or

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Daily Calf Mobility—Improvement with 4 Minutes a Day

calf mobility

The lack of calf mobility plagues many athletes. Just ask someone at the gym if their calves are tight and they're likely to groan their response. But calf muscles are part of the entire posterior chain, so tightness is systemic, both affecting and being affecting by all the muscles throughout the posterior of the body.

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Strength Training Guidelines For Adults With Hypermobile Joints

Hypermobile joints need to be strengthened with care.

What exactly is hypermobility? Some may call it being “double- jointed,” but there’s so much more to it than that. If you don’t already know what hypermobility is, it’s when a joint, or joints, have the ability to move beyond their expected range of motion (or ROM). It’s typically an inherited trait, but don’t worry,

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Shoulder Mobility and the Low Hanging Fruit to Get You Started

shoulder mobility

Shoulder mobility is a problem for the modern adult. Lifestyle often necessitates slumping, leaving this critical component of your shoulder health on the elementary school playground. Hanging, swinging, and climbing are not things most adults are used to doing nowadays and it’s not faring well for our daily overhead shoulder mobility. We’ll show you how to

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Instantly Open Hips and Deepen Your Squat!

open hips

You can tell who has open hips by how a person squats in the gym or even by the way they mosey along or get into their car. Those who move freely have likely incorporated some form of hip opening exercises into their weekly routine. Let’s check in with those hips, and see what your

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