Use L-Sits to Sculpt Your Body from the Ground Up


These days, social media is filled with pictures and videos of people performing impressive stunts and mind-blowing body maneuvers of all sorts. Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to scroll through your news feed without running into a post featuring someone on a beach somewhere doing a crazy exercise routine. While these social media shares are

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Building an Elite Core: 2 Exercises for Serious Core Strength


In a sedentary culture where office jobs and sitting have negative effects on our bodies, we know how important building a solid mid-section is — or do we? Working towards full strength and abs you can’t wait to show off is easier than you think. Your core strength is what gives your full body the

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Planking Pro Tips for a Solid Core


Planking is one of the easiest ways to work strength for the core, anywhere. Traditional workouts are missing the mark. Big time. Often, leaving out crucial parts of training small muscles and ligaments, not to mention, sloppy form. In a world where it seems to be all about the glutes, we are stoked to get

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3 Tips to Get Rock Solid Abs and Obliques

abs and obliques

Do you want abs and obliques that demand attention? The information we’re about to share isn’t overly complicated, which means anyone can achieve a strong and healthy midsection. Developing six-pack abs and a functional core is easy and there shouldn’t be a single thing holding you back. If you want washboard abs and solid obliques,

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Shred Your Body For Summer With This Core Crushing Workout!

GymnasticBodies athlete shows off his six-pack.

Gymnasts maintain their summer bodies year round and you can too with this simple gymnastic strength workout. Rev up for those warm beaches and long summer days by getting in shape with the most effective exercises. We all revere gymnasts ripped physiques, fluid movement, and confident posture. To look and move like a gymnast, you

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Reveal Six Pack Abs and Peak Performance by Rocking Your Core

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how body weight and side planks can build obliques for a more stable core.

Unknown to most fitness enthusiasts, this powerful core training tip packs a major punch! With one easy adjustment to your next workout, you can stimulate and use your core in a new way, giving your body and mind a unique and vitalizing challenge. It’s time to move beyond endless crunches and hours of static holds.

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Upgraded Core Workouts for Crazy 6-Pack Abs

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates how to build your 6-pack abs with the hollow body hold.

Great news, core training no longer requires endless repetitions of crunches and sit-ups. GymnasticBodies is here to redefine core training with the best and most effective ab exercises. So, what is the core, and more importantly how do we train it? It’s easiest to think of the core as a group of centralized muscles that flex,

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How to Win With Your Plank

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates a basic shoulder strengthening exercise.

Sure, planks build incredible abs and chiseled shoulders, but here at GymnasticBodies, we’re going to make sure you have fun with them too! This is how you can enjoy a variety of the most effective plank variations to keep your workouts fresh and fun while reaping their ab and upper body benefits! Plank With Purpose Simply

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Now You Can Have Superior Core Strength (and Active Flexibility) With One Exercise

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates core strength in a hanging Straddle-up.

Looking for a more effective way to get your desired strength and mobility? These 3 tips will help you to improve your workout routine using Hanging Leg Lifts. You will not only increase your core strength and develop healthier shoulders, but you’ll also become more flexible! Everyone recognizes hanging leg lifts as one of the

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What Does It REALLY Take to Achieve the Front Lever?

GymnasticBodies Athlete performs a front lever core exercise on gymnastic rings

Want abs for your summer six pack? Front Lever training has you covered. Want upper body gains for movements like pull-ups and rope climbs? Front Lever training has you covered. Work on your Front Lever progressions, and you will be well on your way with massive and versatile strength carryover and sculpted abs as a

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