Let Your Human Flag Fly

The side lever, or human flag, is a killer upper back and core exercise.

Side Levers provide a unique training stimulus for the body, making it a cornerstone skill worthy of achieving. The Side Lever is commonly referred to in calisthenic circles as the Human Flag and is extremely popular for bodyweight-based strength fanatics – making it a visible feat shared across the world of social media. It also

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Hanging Leg Lifts for Core, Shoulders, and More

Hanging Leg Lifts for Core, Shoulders, and More 1

The list of potential benefits to be gained from this bodyweight exercise start to sound like a late-night infomercial: increased core strength, shoulder mobility, hip compression, grip strength, and more. These do not come for just three easy payments, however, but rather they are earned through consistency, hard work and, sweat. Hanging Leg Lifts might

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Enter the Dragon: Core Strength on Fire

Bruce Lee performs a dragon flag, or body lever, for core strength.

Bruce Lee popularized and regularly performed this movement, now famously known as the “dragon flag”, to strengthen and condition his core. The technical name for this brutal and serious core building exercise is the body lever. The body lever has its basis in Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) but is utilized in many fitness programs. Read

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The Core Milestone You’ve Been Missing

GymnasticBodies V-ups build incredible core strength.

The V-Up is one of the most revered full core exercises that gymnasts and seasoned athletes utilize to build muscle and tone the entire core (and not just the upper or lower abs) making this exercise an easy to execute at-home drill that's sure to get your center in shape.  When you walk into any gym

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Mastering the Hollow Hold Position

Mastering the Hollow Hold Position 2

Never suffer from a lack of core strength again! Thanks to our hollow hold progressions, you can quickly overcome this commonly overlooked area of the body. Many athletes make the mistake of attempting exercises that are too advanced without first establishing a proper base of core strength. As Coach Christopher Sommer often says in GymnasticBodies Seminars around the

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Obliques: The Missing Link in Your Core

GymnasticBodies athlete uses a well-rounded core to hold a side lever.

The 'core' is an incredibly overused term in the fitness world today. Every magazine cover and internet ad has a new secret tip for "training your core" that more than likely misses the point completely. At GymnasticBodies we use the word 'core' to refer to the entirety of your midsection, including your abdominals, hip flexors,

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Shredded Core: 1 Move To Get Yours

GymnasticBodies athlete performs an L-sit for core strength.

In the fitness world, we are constantly searching for the best core drill to help us create a defined six-pack set of abs and a powerful supportive core to boot! Did you know that one of the best at-home exercises you can do to develop a mighty set of abs actually has its base in

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This 1 Crucial Element Is Missing From Your Core Workout

Standing Pike Stretch for Hamstring Flexibility

Imagine trying to drive your car with the parking brake on. While your engine is working hard to spin the wheels forward, the brakes are working just as hard to keep them in place! Smoke plumes out, rubber is burning, but your car is going nowhere! Unfortunately, this is how most people train: their hamstrings are

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