Bodyweight Squats for Lower Body Mobility

Christopher Sommer's athlete demonstrates hip, knee, and ankle mobility with a bodyweight squat.

When discussing all the possible lower body strength and power exercises available in Gymnastic Strength Training, it is easy to overlook how important the bodyweight squat truly is. There are many exciting movement choices out there, and more often than not, trainers are too focused on entertaining their clients rather than training them. In order

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Muscle-ups: Just the Beginning of Ring Strength

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how to do hold top support in muscle-up progression.

The muscle-up is often seen as the ultimate test of upper body gymnastics strength in various fitness circles. There is just something about combining a pull-up with a dip that excites many people about the muscle-up, and rightfully so. However, rather than viewing the muscle-up as ending the journey, we should look at this exercise as opening the door

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Top 3 Exercises for Your Lats

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates lat strength with a wide-grip pull-up.

Your lats are some of the biggest muscles in your entire body and developing them is extremely important for your success in Gymnastic Strength Training. Without strong lats, more advanced strength exercises would not be possible. In this post, we will go into detail about what the lats do and how you can train them

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Rebuilding the Warrior with Gymnastics Strength Training: The Road to Recovery

Rebuilding the Soldier with Gymnastics Strength Training

By Ashleigh Gass (Certified Clinical Sports Nutritionist and GymnasticBodies Affiliate) As a passionate athlete and trainer, I have spent my life dedicated to the world of exercise physiology, nutrition, fitness and health. I’ve embraced a multi-directional approach to training, both personally and professionally. I am now a proud affiliate of GymnasticBodies™ – creator of Gymnastics

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Foundation Equipment: The Back Strap

When fitness enthusiasts approach our GymnasticBodies courses for the first time, they often ask what GST™ Foundation equipment they will need to start training. Fortunately, one huge benefit to Gymnastics Strength Training™ is its most important piece of equipment. This irreplaceable exercise tool is something that you have with you in all places at all times: your

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What's the Rush with GST Results?

Coach Christopher Sommer, the founder of GymnasticBodies and former long-time U.S. Junior National Team Coach, likes to tell the story of a young man who had expressed some training concerns to him on the popular GB Forum. Gymnastics Strength Training™ was the single most important activity in this young adult's life, so he said. Unfortunately, he

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What Does It REALLY Take to Achieve the Front Lever?

GymnasticBodies Athlete performs a front lever core exercise on gymnastic rings

Want abs for your summer six pack? Front Lever training has you covered. Want upper body gains for movements like pull-ups and rope climbs? Front Lever training has you covered. Work on your Front Lever progressions, and you will be well on your way with massive and versatile strength carryover and sculpted abs as a

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Mobility for Desk Workers: Table Rocks

A GymnasticBodies desk worker table rocks his way to healthy shoulder extension.

After Tim Ferriss interviewed Coach Christopher Sommer on his podcast, we received an overwhelming response that many people are stiff, tight, and aching from years spent working at a desk. This is no new phenomenon. We know it’s healthy and important to move throughout the day to break up long chunks of computer work. Even

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The Jefferson Curl: One Exercise for Full Body Mobility

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a full body stretch with Jefferson Curls.

When you think of training with weights, what comes to mind? Most people associate weights with strength training, but weights have another (often overlooked!) use as well. Gymnastic Strength Training athletes use weights to gain mobility. These weighted exercises help increase flexibility and strength in full ranges of motion. This helps prevent injuries and increases

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Gymnastic Strength Training After 50


Guest Post by Mats Trane Its never too late. A little bit about my self.   I'm 53 year old male from Sweden. I have 3 kids, a wife and a dog. I´m part owner of a small business.   In 2009, after almost working my self to death starting up a new company, my

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