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Train like a champion with Coach Sommer with the same Gymnastic Strength Training™ that has produced elite athletes and transformed fitness enthusiasts alike.

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Why use a generic workout plan? Train only the bodyweight progressions that fit your individual needs.

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Private course forums give direct access to Coach Sommer, GB Trainers and fellow fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Paired Mobility

Each exercises is paired with integrated mobility to keep you flexible and your joints strong. Many of our weighted mobility elements are used by physiotherapists around the globe.

GST™ Workout Software

Spend more time in the gym instead of planning your workout. GB tracks all of your progressions and microcycles to simplify your life.

Mastery System

Our unique system of mastery helps you maximize the benefits of each exercise. Safely train your muscles, connective tissue and joints and develop the basics needed for later advanced training.

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Featured Posts

Beat the Status Quo: Train for both Strength AND Flexibility

The status quo in the fitness world is that strong people like to lift weights, and flexible people like to stretch. This can lead to serious problems, however, because flexibility without strength is just as limited and prone to injury as strength without flexibility. Many powerlifters, for example, train all year just to add 10 pounds to their bench press, yet they struggle to simply hold their arms overhead without arching their back. On the flip side, yogis often commit all their energy towards gaining more flexibility, but many lack the basic strength to do even a single chin-up.

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Forget Yo-Yo Dieting, Thrive with GB Nutrition

The New Year in the Western world has two major traditions: a countdown to January 1st and resolutions to become more fit and eat better. Sadly, most of these resolutions fail before the end of the month. Why? In the excitement of the New Year and making life changes, students opt for the most dramatic ways

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Injury Free with GST

So when I began hitting plateaus in my lifts, I knew training more wasn’t the answer. When I began experiencing the chronic aches, nagging twinges, and joint pain that are par for the course in the lifting world, it bothered me to need constant “professional management,” treating the same areas, but never producing resolution. In many ways strongman and gymnastics are similar. Both perform “impossible” feats in ways that “should be” horrible for your joints. If you’ve ever stopped breathing as you stared, saucer eyed, at the tumblers in the Olympics or at a Pro Strongman launching 400 pound stones, you know exactly what I mean.

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The Gymnastic Body: GST, Function, and Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, building muscle, and flat out “looking good naked,” there is a lot of confusion out there in the fitness arena. On one hand, the purpose of an activity such as bodybuilding is to get as big and shredded as possible. However, most people do not consider the overly bulky, excessively dehydrated look of an on-stage bodybuilder to be desirable. On the other hand, you have sports like weightlifting and powerlifting, where all that matters is the amount of weight lifted for a single repetition; factors like muscularity and leanness do not enter the picture outside of competing in specific weight classes.

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Are YOU Training Shoulder Extension?

Try this right now: sit down on the floor and place your arms behind you. With your palms down and pinky fingers touching, lower your shoulders as close to the ground as possible. A little tight? That is because shoulder extension is a range of motion trained by very few people in the fitness arena. Many programs have “push” and “pull” movements, but they are almost always overhead or in front of the body (both in a position of shoulder flexion).

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GB Curriculum Overview

Foundation Series

The Foundation Series is the basic building block of the GB curriculum and required for all students new to Gymnastic Strength Training. It will target and fix your strength and mobility imbalances while building the seven fundamental elements. Where you start in the Foundation Series will depend on your individual strengths and weaknesses. Most non-gymnasts should start right at the beginning. You do not need any prior experience with gymnastics to start.

Handstand Series

Handstands are essential to nearly all GST pursuits including ring strength, tumbling and advanced balancing. The Handstand Series will build your wrist strength, freestanding handstand, press handstand and a basic one arm handstand.   GymnasticBodies uniquely approaches handstand training by building the physical structure first and then layering on the technical aspects of balance. When the body is strong and flexible, maintaining a longer handstand or doing presses becomes second nature.

Stretch Courses

Each of the Stretch Series courses focuses on developing a key area of flexibility. Designed to be done once a week per area, the series are a set routine that allow you to become more flexible over time.   GymnasticBodies specifically addresses three key areas that most adults lack flexibility. Thoracic Bridge builds strong and open shoulders while the Front and Middle Split series address tight hamstrings, quads, abductors and ankles.

Ring Series

Ring Strength is considered an intermediate and advanced tool in the GST toolbox. The Ring series begins with basic muscle up and support development and goes all the way to advanced elements such as maltese cross (not yet released).   Rings One begins (ideally) after the completion of the Foundation Series courses. This allows for rapid progress without the injury or tendonitis most ring strength beginners face.

GymnasticBodies Seminar Female Rings

The Courses

Foundation Series


The GB Foundation Courses focus exclusively on GST fundamentals AND the basic mobility for Front Lever, Straddle Planche, Side Lever, Manna, Single Leg Squat, Hollow Back Press and Rope Climb.

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Handstand Series


The handstand is a fundamental position in gymnastics. GB Handstand Series teaches basic alignment and balance, pressing and later one arm handstand development (not yet released).

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Thrive Nutrition Series


GB Thrive Level 1 is a 12 week course designed to build new nutritional habits by focusing exclusively on mastering the fundamentals of nutrition.

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Stretch Series


The Stretch Courses develop Front Split, Middle Split, Thoracic Bridge, Pancake, Pike, Shoulder Flexion and Shoulder Extension.

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Tumbling One Series


The Movement Series focuses on using movement as conditioning beginning first with simple locomotion and progressing to more advanced plyometric elements. Each course focuses either on Tumbling, Supported or Suspended types of movement.

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Rings Series


Still rings are the most powerful tool for training the upper body. The Rings Series teaches you to safely train beginning ring strength to iron cross and later advanced holds such as maltese and inverted iron cross.

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