GymFit TV

From: $29.99 / month with a 7-day free trial

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you would love to have access to the entire library of courses and workouts. It’s a fun way to get strong, limber, and build skills while being guided by our long-term fitness plans. An active subscription offers the following classes, plans and courses.

  • All 5 integrated plans to match your fitness level and goals
  • Fundamentals, Restore to identify weaknesses and address them
  • Foundation One, Two, Three, Four to build strength and mobility
  • Handstand One, Two, Three for complete handstand development
  • Front Split, Middle Split and Thoracic Bridge for stretching
  • Tumbling One for learning movement
  • Rings One to build maximum strength
  • Over 60 additional classes that can be added to your schedule

Our various skill sets will teach you more body-awareness while giving you activities that are fun. As you strengthen your core, shoulders, and bodyline, you can build a solid handstand. You may even progress to handstand presses. Our movement course will build on your handstand and add a little tumbling flair.

In addition to these thorough building blocks, we also have workouts that focus on specific points of challenge and necessity. Find great warm-ups, prehab training, active mobility sets, cardio and more. You won’t get bored for years.