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Max Wallach

Week out from Seminar

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Max Wallach

Hey everyone,

I'm going to the Denver seminar this coming weekend May 28-29, 2016 and I was wondering what if anything I should do during this week prior?  Should I continue with my normal foundations work and stretch sessions or take it easy?

Also I'm excited, but definitely nervous as I am definitely a beginner when it comes to GST with severely limited ROM, esp in my upper body.  Shoulder extension is horrible.

How many other beginners are going?



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Kate Abernethy

I would ease up on your training so that you are rested and fresh for the seminar. Being a beginner you are at the best possible starting point. 

The point of the seminar is to listen and learn as much as you can, not to show what you can do. Better still, it is to find out what your current weaknesses are and how to address them, as well as getting corrections on form. 

You should have a very enjoyable weekend :)

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