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Mike Bowerman

Cramping, Nutrition, Conditioning

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Mike Bowerman

Starting GB I have experienced some cramping while doing exercises that seems to be related to a lack of conditioning -- in my feet while curling my toes during middle split stretches, for instance. As some of the movements are very novel, it seems the muscles respond with cramping and the cramping has diminished as my conditioning has improved.

However, I have also had cramping before and after discovering GB which seems more generic, while sleeping or resting for instance. I have read magnesium is a common deficiency that leads to cramping but tried a magnesium citrate/oxide blend of 250mg/day for 8 weeks but still had some cramping while at rest. I have also heard that potassium deficiency is NOT generally a cause of cramping though it is commonly believed to be. Not sure if that is true or not, so wondering if anyone has experience with supplements or other strategies that have successfully reduced or eliminated cramping while at rest?

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Jeff Serven


I like your train of thought. First you look at your level of conditioning then nutrition.

250mg of magnesium is not much. You could easily double or triple that number. Oxide is poorly absorbed, that is why its used to help with constipation. 

Potassium is an intracellular electrolyte. A deficiency can lead to problems.

There are so many things that could cause this but the main culprits are sleep, hydration and mineral status. 

Good Luck,



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