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Deins Drengers

Bench press chest injury ( need advice )

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Deins Drengers

Hi !


Long story short :


I wanted to participate in national bench press competition so I had to go to the gym and practice bench pressing BUT i didn't drop GST work. 


As expected I injured myself ( Strained my left pectoralis muscle ) 


I know it was my fault, no whining and no complaining.

I haven't seen a physio and made X-rays because I don't have the money for it at the moment.


What were the cues to follow while training around the injury ? 

I know that you should not train through pain but what about discomfort ?


My chest muscle feel very tight and when I do Pushups for example I get this tight/painful feeling.


Any advice on how should I heal it faster ?

AND after I have healed it I want to Prehab my chest to Never ever injure it again.


Can someone recommend a good rehab/prehab protocol that i can follow ?

I have been injured before and I've had enough, im gonna prehab every joint, tendon, muscle, ligament so I could become indestructible.


I will wait your responses - thank you !

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 Why don't you ask Mark Bell?

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Alessandro Mainente

protocols are designed after exam (eco or mri) and functional test (by physio) result.

I discourage everyone  to give you advices until the situation is clear.

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Ronnicky Roy

Only info I can offer you that I know will be good for you regardless, is to go to a dry sauna everyday if possible while you are not training. It offers recovery benefits and assists in retaining muscle while you are not training. That and a clean diet will go a long way towards recovery.

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