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Biomechanics for injury prevention

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Not sure if this will have exposure on the particular sub-forum, but I will appreciate relevant feedback
           I was wondering if anyone can help me please. I am doing a thesis on a specific sport injury prevention and trying to incorporate biomechanics into my topic. I am currently reading some books, but it is not getting across lol I was wondering if anyone can also point me to video/reading material used ...
three important videos are as follows:
I am not going to bore anyone with background of the art, it is readily searchable these days, however there is simply very few technical discussions about movement quality just in terms of injury prevention. I have complied good and interesting data to get going, however I will like to incorporate biomechanics for leverage. I am also going to be evaluating dance and gymnastic prevention programs to see if I can use this as a plan for a risk management/assessment protocol  
Background of topic: http://www.slideshare.net/DumasBelasco/epidemiologia-das-leses-nos-praticantes-de-capoeira-na-cidade-de-so-paulo (not mine of course)
 and some not so readily available :  
Most practitioners agree the arms (joints) and back are usually the problematic areas independent of stylistic approach (but we all know it is the whole body lol)
I have chosen these video from my own conclusion...I am only looking for the kinematic description no kinetics or quantitative aspects...


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Talal Aldoub

Thanks, i really find its intersting such marital dance art. and like how smoothly its done. pls post more

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