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Lee Trew

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I'm looking for the part of the forum where we get to give thanks to Coach Sommer and the amazing gift of his knowledge! 


I have always been into training. (I've lifted weights, done martial arts, yoga, climbed rock and trees. When I was a teenager I followed the Canadian Airforce exercise program. Which is laughable compared to Foundation 1)


I always followed a boom and bust cycle in my training - I'd go super hard for a week, then be hopelessly overtrained and need a week or three to recover my appetite for more. I couldn't maintain progress without overtraining or injuring myself.


When I got the Building the Gymnastic Body book a couple of years ago, I tried to follow the steady state training method, but didn't know what holds to train, or where to start and it all felt a bit random. That said, I went from only tuck front lever to brief front lever holds in only a few months and was really pleased.


I'm four months in to Foundation One (and Handstand One) and I am SO pleased with the results! For the first time in my life I am training regularly and consistently. I have a structure to follow that makes so much sense, and has so much experience behind it. I have yet to miss a training day, and I look forward to each one. At 32 years old I have never felt so strong, so mobile and so happy in my body. (I've even started at the local gymnastics gym learning basic tricking skills)


It's having other ripple effects - I'm finding I want to stretch, just because it feels good, I'm getting regular cardio because I can feel how much my body needs to 'keep the juices flowing' in the recovery days following a workout. In other words, my body is HAPPY.


I just really wanted to let you guys at Gymnastic Bodies, and especially Coach Sommer, know that your training program has made a real difference to my life. I can only imagine how many others feel the same way. My cup floweth over with gratitude - F1 and HS1 are rocking my world!


I'm looking forward to training in the system for the rest of my life. My commitment is to going slow and steady, reaching mastery and immaculate form at each level before I move on. I started at the beginning for each exercise, because I wanted the maximum time for each mobility component to do its work. And it feels so GOOD!


You rock, Coach Sommer! Through your dedication to excellence, and to sharing the fruits of your quest for knowledge, you are bringing a whole new level of awareness, quality and effectiveness to the training of bodies around the world.


My body thanks you - and so do I :c)


(And I really look forward to attending a seminar next time you guys are in Australia)



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Tristan Curtis

That's awesome! Great to hear you're in such a good space with your training.


I remember going through BtGB with a bewildered look on my face. I was in awe of the movements, but didn't know how to structure it into a training program. F1 has been amazing in making these movements so accessible. For example: scap protraction strength. The planche always seemed beyond what I would ever do, but progressively I am feeling that strength come to me - and it's really exciting.

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Wheezer: That's awesome you can see the planche in sight. Good on you, bro.


Yeah, I love how I know that with F1 I'm doing everything I need to be, to build the body structure that will get me to those superhuman positions :c)


Not that I find it easy - todays training session was a kicker. 



Jon Douglas: I've enjoyed some of your posts - didn't spot that you're an Aussie. Look forward to seeing you at a seminar too :c)

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