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Paul Gray

Where are they now?

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Paul Gray

How does the team compare with previous years?


It seems that the U.S has a very large pool of greatly talented athletes to draw from!

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Briac Roquet

Sam Mikulak, Donnell Whittenburg, Danell Leyva, Alex Naddour are returning from last year. Paul Ruggeri and Brandon Wynn are replacing Jacob Dalton and John Orozco. So I'm not sure how these guys measure to each other right now since Dalton and Orozco were injured at the time of the P&G championships. Paul Ruggeri did make it to third place on the first day, not too far from Donnell Whittenburg, so that's good. I think Brandon Wynn was selected for his good performance on rings (2nd to Donnell Whittenburg).


Basically, if you want to understand how the athletes are selected and want to compare it to last year, the first two athletes in the all-around are automatically selected as long as they are also top 3 in 3 of the 6 events. So that's Sam and Donnell. After that, the committee considers individual events. 3 out of the 6 athletes participate in each event, so they try to get the highest average of points, by looking at the highest starting values and overall executions scores. Hence why some athletes who did well in the all-around are not selected. By comparing Dalton's and Orozco's strong events and scores with Ruggeri's and Wynn's own events and scores, you can get a sense of where the team is for this championship. I personally think they'll do well if they can all get cured of the falling syndrome which occurred at the P&G.  :P

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