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Aaron Fors

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Hey All, This is Aaron Fors. http://imdb.me/aaronfors


I am full time actor who grew up in the business. I am also a gymnastics enthusiast. I started about 3 1/2 years ago and have been teaching myself, and learning from all of you and wonderful sites like this amazing home. 


I have SO much to learn, but I am obsessed and adore it.


I really hope to incorporate a lot of gymnastics into film and really give our community some badass representation out there.


I recently took my first leap into filmmaking with a short film entitles "Pathological" which will be hitting festivals like crazy! And because of that, we are now making a Feature! A real, smart, gritty supernatural, western. *We just raised another 50,000 for it and are still working away on the budget!*


I would love if you guys would check out my stunt reel and if you like it, give it a like or a comment. It is about 2 years old, and I have grown so much, but I'll be making a new one soon! *with a budget hehe*



and follow me on twitter @TheAaronFors


and @deadmansdraw11 for updates on the upcoming feature.


So yeah, that's me! I'm glad to be a closer part of the community, and I look forward to posting more videos, and asking a LOT of questions, hee.

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Klaudius Petrulis

Welcome aboard! It's always nice to have new folks provide variety to our community :)

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