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Found 2 results

  1. When im doing basic RTO i wounder if you should retract og protract scapula? I feel it impossible to retract if i hold the rings very tight to the body, but when im driving the rings slightly more out i can retract? What is correct posstion of the shoulder/scapula?
  2. Tristan Curtis

    Support Hold Training Wheels

    Hi all, Really appreciating this amazing forum. I started using rings a few days ago. Coming into my first training session, I presumed a 60s-70s support on dip bars meant I could support on rings for at least a few seconds. After 3 x 20 min sessions, I think my best has been a half-second before I shake out. Just checking this is pretty normal? Are there some good work-ups to a stable support? In the meantime, I have rings between hips and knees, and practicing support with knees bent and toes dragging lightly on ground behind me. The legs take off just enough weight and instability for me to hold for a few seconds, so my rotators have some resistance. I’m gradually putting less and less force through the ground. I’m also trying to understand the mechanics of why - on a stable surface - I can still hold a support “rings out†(fingers pointing behind me) easily? Is it because on a stable surface I can just push force out-and-down diagonally – while on rings, I can only push down, so instead the arms have to produce torque to hold the shoulders rotated externally? Loving the new experience. The contraction I’m feeling in bicep, forearm flexors and esp elbow tendons just supporting half my bodyweight is more intense than anything done in a few years of free weight training. Really exciting.
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