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Found 3 results

  1. Ian C Flores

    Stall Bars on Amazon - which one?

    Hi everyone, I'm just starting on my GST journey, but am fully committed. In particular I'm looking at Stall Bars at this stage as this is an integral part of the program. I would love to make my own, but I know this is something that would just allow me to procrastinate getting on with my training. I would love to get the Rogue Stall Bars, but don't have $700+ to drop on them. HOWEVER, I am an Amazon Prime member and get free shipping... yay! I don't mind dropping a few hundred, I'm not trying to skimp, but I can't drop close to $1000.00. There are a few sets on there, but I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to material (wood vs metal), height (I'm 5'10" and weigh 185lbs). If anyone, a coach preferably, could recommend a set that's offered on Amazon.com that would be hugely beneficial and most appreciated. Thank you, Ianca
  2. Aaron Silverman

    Stallbar Alternatives

    I do not have access to stallbars, nor will I be able to get them anytime soon. Are there resources or guides for how to scale without stallbars? For example, doing an inverted pike pull without stallbars. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am about to invest in a pull-up bar, stall bars and rings and am considering two options and would appreciate tips from experienced users on what to buy as it does add up to quite a budget. The equipment will be installed in my home office. Available wall space about 2.4 meter. L shaped space 5 m deep across 1.2 m width and only 2 m deep across the rest as the space contains 2 desks. BTW I live in Europe, which impacts pricing and availability. Option 1: - Double wooden stall bars artimex - Stall bar mounted pull up bar that also doubles for rings. Having a double stall bar allows me to leave the pull up bar in place (as well as future extensions such as a dip station. Other advantage is that I can mount the pull up bar lower to do for example inclined pushups or other exercises. Also looks nicer in my office. But I am unsure about stability and question if there are more advanced dynamic movements for a pull up bar that may be unsafe on these. Option 2: - Wooden stall bars, artimex - Rogue wall mounted pull up bar beside it, which doubles as a ring station Option 3 (very expensive in Europe): - Rogue wooden stall bars - Rogue pull up bar either above or next to it Much appreciate you sharing your experience with gym equipment and layout. Thanks, Frank
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