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  1. Hello! I have more of a theoretical question, hope is no problem that I ask here. I have being studying some mechanisms of spinal extension, namely Intra-abdominal pressure, Thoracolumbar fascia gain and Hydraulic amplifier mechanism (there is some information here http://www.futurefittraining.co.uk/Courses/courseid973562240/Mechanismsofspinalstability/AdvAP_U5L3_Mechanisms of spinal stability.pdf). It's mainly the fact that during flexion of the spine deep muscles within the ribcage and abdominal area protect the spine by hooking around the abdominal cavity, but this bracing is counterbalanced with an extension mechanism that through the fascia in our lower backs compresses the erector spinae, and that in turns extends our spine. This three mechanisms help us counterbalance either movements of flexion or extension, so we can balance upright. I cannot say I can explain it greatly yet, but hopefully somebody here would have hear about it. If you do, do you think this mechanism can work in the same way but only backwards during a Press Handstand? I'm starting to understand the huge "core strength" (including things like the pelvic floor and transverse abdominis) this movement requires. Also, if it does, would the trapezius serve the function of the thoracolumbar fascia, compressing the erector spinae and that creating extension at the hips? That would explain why so much trap strength is required for this! I hope somebody can give me your thoughts on this, or at least point me to any resources. Thank you for your time
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