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Found 3 results

  1. What is the difference between a straddle pancake stretch while sitting on the floor with the (a) toes pointed forward and (b) the toes pointed upward? In both cases, quads are engaged, knees are fully locked and the rotation starts from the hips with a straight back. A physician was at the gym today and saw me doing version (a). She advised me to do version (b) and commented on the technique (a), as "old school". I didn't have the time to discuss with her, so can you comment on her opinion? Do the two versions have different purpose? If yes, what are they? If you could go into detail, it would be much appreciated. (even anatomically wise) P.S. Do you have any recommendations on books about principles of stretching with illustrated examples?
  2. Micha Trejgis

    Stretching uncertainty

    Hello, When i stretch legs - for example pancake walk, i often feel stretch not on the hamstring but much lower, at the knee hight, about kneecap hight but still in the back of the leg. Should it be like that? Thanks in advance for your answear
  3. Rachid Tahri

    Pancake dislocate combination

    Yesterday we (me and my friend Jur de Klerk) were doing weighted pancake stretches and he suggested to try a dislocate during the pancake stretch. Below you can see the result!
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