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Found 1 result

  1. Audrey Muto

    What to Eat If You Work at Night

    Hi All - I work as a midwife and sometimes get called in at night after I've been up all day. I've gotten all my nutrition (and most often my workout) in during the day, but it would be impossible to be up all night at a birth without eating something. I'm wondering what types of things would be good to eat while I'm up at night. Based on what I read about the carb window, I thought limiting myself to protein and fat might be the way to go, but I'm wondering what others think about this. The next part of this question is how to go about eating the next day. I will typically only sleep for about four hours when I get home (it's hard for me to sleep during the day even with all the blackout curtains, eye masks, white noise, melatonin and sleepy time tea) and have been treating my first meal when I wake up as breakfast, which is usually between noon and two. This sets me up for having lunch when I'd normally be having dinner and then I'm in bed at a normal hour. What are the most optimal foods to eat if I'm only getting in two meals on post-call days? Thanks for your thoughts and feedback in advance!
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