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Found 1 result

  1. G'day all, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts on simultanious intake of carbohydrate (higher GI type basic glucoses, such as sports drinks; potatoes; sweet potatoes; etc) with normal dietary fat (animal and plant fats, such as avocados; pork crackling; fattier cuts of animals; etc).? I am not talking about vegetable carbohydrates, but rather the higher GI insulin spiking types. As an example, eating rolled pork should (crackling and fatty bits included) alongside a large serving of sweet potatoes / potatoes. I would ordinarily save these types of carbohydrates for after exercise (as this will obviously have a different metabolic effect). I was just wondering if anyone could provide some thoughts on any negatives and/or benefits of consuming these macrocutrients alongside each other - OR if there are any negatives/benefits of consuming them seperately by a sufficient time frame. Searching the forums shows a lot of discussion about Carbohydrates (which I am not against - bought Dr Bernardots book the other day and it sold me), however coming from a Paleo / high fat diet background I am aware of a lot of stuff that claims higher fat diet is also good for your health. So ultimately - should you do both together? Thanks in advance. Callum

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