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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I think after years of lurking i'm finally ready to bite the bullet. However, I have a few questions that i'd like answered to fully convince me. 1. How are these products formatted? ==Is there a daily session given? ==Can I train 5+ days per week( i pretend to train more frequently if possible)? ==How much time per day can I expect to give to doing my "homework?" ==Is there a lot of self assembly or is there a basically a list format for each day? ==IS ALL THE PREHAB INCLUDED (stuff like jefferson curls, cuban rotations,and whatnot)? 2. How do these programs fit together? ==Would one alternate between the two or would you do two separate workouts everyday? (i'm fine with the latter, btw) ==Is there any advice given on how to combine the two (since i imagine they are made to be done together)? ==When you write that " Front Lever, Straddle Planche, Side Lever, Manna, Single Leg Squat, Hollow Back Press and Rope Climb." are all included does that mean that all of these things are worked on in the same workouts or at least in the same week? I would prefer slow multi-faceted progress over focusing on just one or two at a time. 3. Time progressions ==I've heard that to fully do all the material included for the released Foundations packages it would take years, is this true? I REALLY LIKE that idea because that's probably how long it takes for the body to build all the passive structures in the body of an adult. I don't mind having to work for years to do it as safely and consistently as possible. The idea of paying for years of programming sounds really nice. Thanks a bunch.
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