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Found 1 result

  1. Andreas Manousakis

    Round off analysis

    Hello to everyone, I am aware that the aim of gymnastic bodies is GST, however can you please take a look at this athlete's round off? In general, the standard round off technique starts from a straight shape with hands overhead, step forward to get into lunge position, kick the back leg, turn 180 degrees, pass through the handstand position, go from an arched position into a dish shape (hollow body shape) and push away from the scapula with straight arms which should be shoulder width apart or a bit more and snap the feet down on the floor. This athlete places the leg forward completely straight, kicks the back leg while turning 180 degrees, jumps on his arms, bents the arms to the point that his hair touch the floor, pushes away from the scapula and arms, snaps his feet down on floor and lands a double piked somersault. Watching athletes going for round off quad twist on floor or even round off quint on airtrack have unusual techniques as well. I'd like your opinion on optimal round off technique for twisting (assuming the athlete twists on his left side) VS round off for somersaults. Videos for studying are greatly appreciated! Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt0xeZxjMHj/ Thank you Andreas P.S. In case the terminology I use is not correct, by all means, please correct me!
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