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Found 1 result

  1. Adam Johnson

    Lower back and shoulder pain

    Hi. I think I'm ready to get rid of my lower back pain, as well as my shoulder pain, and I would love a little guidance. I currently am in pain all the time. I frequently have to take breaks from standing or sitting in a chair to a position of more relief on my lower back. For a little history, I used to not be able to turn the radio dial in my car without supporting my right arm, I would have to reach over with my left hand and support my right arm under the elbow. I figured I needed surgery for a torn rotator cuff and was waiting for insurance to get it done. Luckily, while at a Tony Robbins seminar, he counseled everyone to get a book called "Pain Free", by Pete Egoscue. I got the book, and followed the simple exercises and was shocked by the results. While not 100% healed, the result was night at day. I had less success with my lower back pain, but soon found out about Gymnastic Bodies through the Tim Ferriss podcast. My brother purchased the Fundamentals program and I followed it to the t. I've incorporated the daily limber into my daily workout now for about 14 months, and am easily the most flexible one of my friends, and am constantly preaching the good word of Gymnastic Bodies every chance I get. I've been wanting to get the next program for quite some time now, but I don't know where to start. I still have constant back pain, but at least I can now bounce out of bed, and can stand up straight (a thing I was unable to do before fundamentals.) I used to do crossfit and liked to incorporate squats into my workout program, but found the I kept throwing my back out, so now I just do lots of air squats. I would love to finally get rid of my shoulder pain and that lower back pain, and continue to progress into all the gymnastic movements. So, I guess my long winded question is, what do you recommend for me next? Thank you!
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