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  1. Do you incorporate any kind periodization nto your training? My own went like this in the past (unfortunately): train hard for a long time=> injure => detrain, rehab and recover=>train hard again (to the point you're barely recovering). I still made very significant gains but suspect I could get much further with proper periodization introduced. Right now I'm into 9th week of very heavy volume training (my sessions can last 5-8 hours...) and I'm starting I'm pushing it again. Literature I had consulted doesn't recommend heavy training for over 8-12 weeks without "unloading" stage. I'm familiar with a couple basic modes of periodization (depends on a sport): 1) Train for hypertrophy (weeks) => train for strength (weeks) => train for power/speed (week) => skills, for some sports (weeks)=> unloading (weeks) before competition 2) Week to week periodization: most basic version is train super-hard one week, train easy next week. 3) 8-12 weeks of very heavy strength training, followed by same period of time of lighter training focusing on endurance, form, skill, control. Repeats. I do not have patience for #3 mode, I know this, neither I need more competition sport oriented #1 kind...Week-to-week periodization seems to be more appealing. Do you craft periodization routine? Especially if you train one or another kind of aerial circus skills where endurance and strength are both equally important?
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