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Found 2 results

  1. Andreas Manousakis

    Pancake stretch: Position of the knees

    The position of the knees when in a pancake stretch should be pointing upwards or be externally rotated? Could it be that both are right but there s a different purpose to each version? Thank you! Andreas.
  2. Guillaume Schollier

    knee injury recovery

    Hi everyone, I'm a 31 year old male with a love for gymnastics (albeit no training in the field).. and also with a knee injury.. My knees were already cracking excessively for a few years (probably from a combination of starting with intensive martial arts, sitting cross legged for long times on meditation retreats and prolonged travel while eating a diet mostly based on fruits for an extended period of time). About 8 months ago, I saw a doctor who recommended me an exercise to help repair them (this happened in India, I was there for yoga training..). While trying the exercise (pushing the knee down while lying on my back) with the doctor, the left knee was overextended at the first trial. It is not causing me pain, but few times already I felt like I was falling through my left leg. And generally, my knees feel weaker than they used to be. Could following the gymnasticbodies training help recover the injury and make my knees strong again? Or rather, should I be careful not to undertake this training as it could put more stress and make the injury worse? Thanks for your thoughts and advice, Giyom
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