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Found 3 results

  1. Joshua Slocum

    Measuring Body Fat?

    I've seen several people talking about their body fat % on here, and so I was wondering - what methods do you guys use for measuring BF%? I've heard that most of the easily available methods are of questionable accuracy, so I'd be interested in hearing about how well whatever method you're using has worked.
  2. Gary Maher

    are my maths correct?

    I am currently trying to put on lean weight. i have tanata bathroom scales, i know they are not accurate but are supposed to be a good tool for monitering gains and losses in body fat. so my weight 8 weeks ago :178 at 12% body fat and my weight now :182 at 15% body fat my math :was 178/100 * 12% =21.36 pounds of fat :now 182/100 * 15% =27.3 pounds of body fat WTF? please help the thick guy over here its destroying my motivation
  3. Do male gymnast try to stay lean or is just an effect of their training and nutrition? The way I see it, athletes try build strength, power, balance so on and so forth... Now, I know that female gymnast pay much attention to what they, I remember seeing one of the Romanian coaches, of the female gymnast team, buzzing his girls on not eating to much sweets, as they received a cake. Now, it makes sense usually female movement try to have also an effect of elegance- the way I see it, which would actually be hard to obtain if one will be not lean. I see that male gymnast are in top shape, I alway wonder if they keep an eye in not getting too much fat on their body or this is just the result of their training. Now, I know that a training regime of one of the top gymnast is very demanding and eating one or two sweet won't, probably, make any difference. This makes me to think, how much usually does guy are training? Anyway, do this guys beside eating enough protein eat whatever they want? Cheers!
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