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Found 26 results

  1. Hey guys, my name is Cesar and I've always had a desire to master my body and am excited to embark on this journey. I'm no stranger to physical fitness, having done Capoeira for 4 years, and practicing BJJ now. However, life happens and I fell off. Anyways, I did a max test yesterday to help me craft a good program and I wanted some advice/direction on it. Here are my results. Height 5'11" Age: 27 Weight 208lbs 25% body fat GOALS: Maintain weight at 185 lbs Planche Hollowback handstand Front and Back Levers FSP HOLDS WALL HANDSTAND (01:02 min) - began struggling after 00:45 secs. Felt some discomfort in my right shoulder (probably due to an old rotator cuff injury back in 2007) L-SIT LOW STRAIGHT LEG PB - (00:23 secs) FROG TUCK PLANCHE - (00:18 secs) Minor discomfort in my right wrist, probably due to a motorcycle accident 4 years ago. GERMAN HANG (00:00 secs) To my surprise I couldn't hold this position because of strain I felt in my inner right elbow. This is most likely due to an armbar injury from BJJ I got 11 months ago. DEAD HANG (01:05 secs) BACK LEVERS TUCK (00:12 secs) Even though I can't hold german hangs, I've played with this move before and I feel no discomfort. The only reason I had to let it go was due to forearms giving out. FBE MAX PSEUDO PLANCHE PU'S (5) My palms faced outward slightly below my belly line. HSPU W/ FEET ON CHAIR (1) PULLUPS (2) DIPS (15) SINGLE LEG SQUATS: RIGHT LEG (20), LEFT LEG (5) So as you can see, the muscle imbalances and deficiencies became painfully aware to me (damaged right arm ligaments, SLS squats imbalances). I do emphasize strict form on everything, I'm just a bit lost on what's the best way to proceed from here. I'm a big believer in Pavel's Greasing the Groove method. I did it before when I used to seriously train hard and I got amazing results. So in any case, I would like to structure my program doing the same things 5 days a week, and never going to failure. So at the very least, it would be: Pre-Hab work FSP warmup FBE circuit. Exercises to include? FSP's Since I have weak wrists/forearms, I figure I should do deadhangs gripping towels instead of the bar. (thoughts on this?) Standard L-sit, HS Wall hold, Frog tuck Planche? Should I abandon Back Levers even though I feel comfortable? FBE's Since my max Pullups and HS CHAIR PU'S are so low, should I keep doing them in singles or replace them with an easier exercise? I have pretty big thighs and would rather do as little leg's as possible, but this is a huge muscle imbalance in my right and left SLS, How should I approach that? Should I keep the Pseudo Planche PU's? I know it's a lot of questions, (and trust me, I have the book, and I read the forum) I just hope a little direction from someone who knows more will help me. Thanks guys.

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