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Found 2 results

  1. Daniel Griffiths

    Bamboo for stall bars?

    I'm thinking about making stall bars... there are plenty of plans available online... my question has to do with the material of the bar... has anyone tried using bamboo poles instead of hardwood dowels? I have never worked with bamboo before. But I'm thinking about the switch for two reasons... price and strength. It looks like I can get the same size bamboo pole for half the price of hardwood dowels. The other reason is I've heard that bamboo is much stronger than wood... I'm a bigger guy (6ft & ~230lbs) and I'm worried about the strength of the bars. I've heard stories about hardwood dowels bending with guys much smaller than me using them. Thoughts? Thanks, Dan
  2. Matthew Jefferys

    Iron Cross Development Without Rings?

    A fairly self-explanatory title. I'm not yet ready for iron cross training, but it's nice to know lots of information before progressing to set level Is there a way to develop iron cross training without rings, and if so, is it safe/dangerous to do so? I've seen some use paralletes that slide along the ground to develop a wide handstand/inverted cross on bars (floor?) before transferring that to rings. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My greatest feats so far are tuck planches and tucked Victorian on elbows (parallel bars), so any super-specific information might be forgotten by my chaotic brain long before I get a chance to apply it Thanks in advance, Merc (Much like Yuri in the attached image)
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