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  1. Today
  2. Everett Carroll

    Should I stop gaining weight..?

    Hi Geonho, Thanks for posting. What sort of programming have you been using lately for your bodyweight training? Have you been gaining mostly muscle? To achieve the skills you mentioned, you should definitely be starting on the GymFit Subscription Foundation and Handstand workouts.
  3. Petra Dvorak

    Exercises for the Diaphragm Muscle

    Can you provide more details like age, general health, what is the reason of his weak breathing?
  4. Eloy Bote

    Front/back flip?

    Yeah I agree with Alessandro. Tumbling can cause injuries if done in a safe environment, imagine in a non safe environment... Maybe you can find some place where they teach circus stuff. They usually teach aerial skills that include round offs, handsprings and flips, and they have pits.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Coach Sommer

    Upcoming GB Seminars for 2018?

    Seminars are currently on hold and in the process of being replaced with a very extensive professional education program. Lots of good things to come there. Yours in Fitness, Coach Sommer
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