Why You Should Include Single Bar Dips in Your Routine

Why You Should Include Single Bar Dips in Your Routine 1

Single Bar Dips are featured in the Upper Body Strength Series of the GB Foundation Series. Dips are one of the all-around best upper body gymnastics exercises that you can include in your workout routine. Done properly, dips will increase the strength and mobility in your chest, shoulders, and arms, and they also serve as

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What's the Rush with GST Results?

What's the Rush with GST Results? 2

Coach Christopher Sommer, the founder of GymnasticBodies and former long-time U.S. Junior National Team Coach, likes to tell the story of a young man who had expressed some training concerns to him on the popular GB Forum. Gymnastics Strength Training™ was the single most important activity in this young adult's life, so he said. Unfortunately, he

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Keep Training Sacred

GymnasticBodies Stretch Series

  Oftentimes our lives are anything but organized and focused. Between work, school, travel, or family, there are always multiple issues competing for our attention. Too often, unfortunately, the average trainee carries this hurried lack of focus into the gym as well: skipping a warm-up, loitering between sets, and giving subpar effort throughout the workout. Luckily,

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Want a Muscle-up? Remember your False Grip.

A GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how a false grip looks on the rings.

Developing ridiculous upper body strength using gymnastic rings all begins by developing your basic strength, which includes your grip strength. The muscle-up is your gateway to powerful bodyweight ring strength and, while it has become a glorified movement in gyms and fitness studios all over the world, many are not doing it correctly. Most perform

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