Handstand Progressions—Train at Your Pace

handstand progressions

Use handstand progressions to train your handstands successfully. In today’s high-speed world, popular fitness trends are constantly changing and evolving in search for the ultimate test of strength, coordination, and endurance. Keeping up with the latest trends can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to tell you that tackling fun new skills is easier than you think.

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The Better Handstand Checklist

handstand checklist

There's a lot to think about when you are learning to handstand, so having a handstand checklist will help. Nailing your first handstand provides a rush like no other – and rightfully so! Balancing successfully on your hands is the culmination of tons of hard work and practice, so congratulations on starting the journey! Even

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Unlock Your Athletic Potential with This One Perfect Exercise

GymnasticBodies female athletes demonstrate handstand strength and control with handstand press.

No other exercise will improve your mobility, strength, balance, and agility like this one. You’ll gain a killer body and unreal athletic performance. This one groundbreaking exercise is... the MIGHTY press handstand! Not only are press handstands an incredible skill to obtain, they are fun to train every step of the way. By beginning your

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When Running Gets Old, Try it on Your Hands! (Here's How)

GymnasticBodies female athletes demonstrate handstand strength and control with handstand runs.

It’s time to give your feet a rest and let your upper body do the work! Handstands are by far, one of the coolest gymnastic exercises on the planet and they will be absolutely essential for your future GSTTM progress. On the road to improving your handstand proficiency, you will inevitably run into roadblocks; some

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Turn Your World Upside Down to Build Tremendous Strength

GymnasticBodies female athletes demonstrate various handstand hold exercises for form and strength.

Handstands done correctly are an example of the physical preparation that an athlete has or does not have. Surely anyone can get strong while standing on their own two feet, but at GymnasticBodies we prefer to gain our staggering upper body strength while standing on our hands. The cool thing is, that no matter where

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Sculpt a Solid Upper Back Using Handstand Training

GymnasticBodies athletes demonstrate trap strength in handstands.

Coach Christopher Sommer often tells stories about his athletes’ upper backs or “traps” being so developed they look like another set of lats dropped into the middle of their back. Many of these athletes do little to no formal weight training, but rather they achieved their physique through Gymnastic Strength Training and exercises such as

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Overcoming Fear of Handstands

GymnasticBodies athlete shows confidence in his handstand.

If you've had any experience with handstand practice or play, you have likely experienced the following: you are holding a handstand facing the wall, and your arms start to shake towards the end of your set. Determined, you tell yourself to hold it just a little bit longer. Finally, the timer goes off and it

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Strong Joints for Balance

A great Handstand is by GymnasticBodies, not by accident.

"A great handstand is not by accident" - Coach Christopher Sommer Today we will be discussing the Gymnastics Handstand. Specifically, we will detail how the wrists, elbows, and shoulders work together to keep your body aligned and balanced while you are upside-down in a handstand. Here at GymnasticBodies we teach and train handstands in true gymnastics fashion, achieving

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Getting Comfortable Going Upside-Down

Athlete learning hollow hold on wall

If you are like many adults who are new to Gymnastic Strength Training, then there is a high likelihood that you have not been upside-down (either hanging or in a handstand) for quite some time, possibly verging on decades. If this is the case, then you need to pay extra special attention to getting comfortable

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Handstands for Beginners - 3 Cues for Success

Partner GymnasticBodies handstand training

Balancing on your hands in a handstand is tough and often feels very peculiar, especially in the beginning of your handstand journey. But to put all the hard work of handstand training into perspective think about how long it took you to learn to walk! It is a very similar process to do the same on your

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