Rebuilding the Warrior with Gymnastics Strength Training: The Road to Recovery

Rebuilding the Soldier with Gymnastics Strength Training

By Ashleigh Gass (Certified Clinical Sports Nutritionist and GymnasticBodies Affiliate) As a passionate athlete and trainer, I have spent my life dedicated to the world of exercise physiology, nutrition, fitness and health. I’ve embraced a multi-directional approach to training, both personally and professionally. I am now a proud affiliate of GymnasticBodies™ – creator of Gymnastics

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Foundation Equipment: The Back Strap

Foundation Equipment: The Back Strap 1

When fitness enthusiasts approach our GymnasticBodies courses for the first time, they often ask what GST™ Foundation equipment they will need to start training. Fortunately, one huge benefit to Gymnastics Strength Training™ is its most important piece of equipment. This irreplaceable exercise tool is something that you have with you in all places at all times: your

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Gymnastic Strength Training After 50


Guest Post by Mats Trane Its never too late. A little bit about my self.   I'm 53 year old male from Sweden. I have 3 kids, a wife and a dog. I´m part owner of a small business.   In 2009, after almost working my self to death starting up a new company, my

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Listen to Tim Ferriss Interview Coach Sommer

GymnasticBodies athlete Tim Ferriss works on false grip with Coach Christopher Sommer.

And it's here. My lonnggg podcast with Tim Ferriss is now live. Enjoy.   The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training™

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Old Methods That Are No Longer Adequate...

Coach Christopher Sommer

 As a group, US National Team Coaches are 100% focused on achieving tangible results; helping our athletes make the US National Team and then moving onward to World and Olympic Teams. Methods that are no longer adequate for the current training demands must be ruthlessly and swiftly set aside; regardless of how cherished or productive

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