Upper Body Mastery: How to Properly Build Your Muscle-Up

GymnasticBodies athlete performs a muscle-up on rings outdoors.

Why is it, do you think, that so many people who can do strict pull-ups and dips, may not be able to come close to a strict muscle-up? The answer is pretty simple, and the reasoning behind this article: it’s because a muscle-up is more than just a pull-up and a dip. Specifically, a properly

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Building a Bridge the Right Way

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates thoracic flexibility with an elevated bridge.

A properly performed bridge is a one-stop shop cure for the modern desk warrior lifestyle. Most people spend the bulk of their day sitting in front of a computer with poor posture: slumped shoulders, rounded back, and closed hips. If they do train at all, it is often nothing but jogging and bench press, which

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Get Your Perfect Pull-up: Expert Advice For Better Results

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates upper body strength with a pull-up.

Everyone does pull-ups in one way or another nowadays, whether they are strict, banded, kipping, jumping, or some other acrobatic variation that involves multiple pieces of inventive manufacturing. The question, then, is not whether or not you are training pull-ups, but rather are you training pull-ups correctly. There are many factors to consider, such as

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All About Dips: How to Train Them Safely and Effectively

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates beginning dip progression, the tricep dip.

Go ask ten people how to train dips, and whether or not you should do them at all, and you are very likely going to receive ten different answers. Gymnasts, bodybuilders, and CrossFitters all do dips on a regular basis, but each performs them with such wildly different technique that they might as well be separate exercises.

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The Core Milestone You’ve Been Missing

GymnasticBodies V-ups build incredible core strength.

The V-Up is one of the most revered full core exercises that gymnasts and seasoned athletes utilize to build muscle and tone the entire core (and not just the upper or lower abs) making this exercise an easy to execute at-home drill that's sure to get your center in shape.  When you walk into any gym

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Mastering the Hollow Hold Position

Mastering the Hollow Hold Position 1

Never suffer from a lack of core strength again! Thanks to our hollow hold progressions, you can quickly overcome this commonly overlooked area of the body. Many athletes make the mistake of attempting exercises that are too advanced without first establishing a proper base of core strength. As Coach Christopher Sommer often says in GymnasticBodies Seminars around the

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The GymnasticBodies Connection: A Competitor’s Journey

GymnasticBodies athlete and strongwoman competitor lifts weight in competition.

With the multitude of activities and sports that we engage in, many adults are on the search for healthy ways to balance what our bodies can handle and the things we love to do. We also discover that although the training techniques we utilize to achieve success in different avenues varies from sport to sport,

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Obliques: The Missing Link in Your Core

GymnasticBodies athlete uses a well-rounded core to hold a side lever.

The 'core' is an incredibly overused term in the fitness world today. Every magazine cover and internet ad has a new secret tip for "training your core" that more than likely misses the point completely. At GymnasticBodies we use the word 'core' to refer to the entirety of your midsection, including your abdominals, hip flexors,

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Healthy Wrists: Why They Matter and How to Earn Them

GymnasticBodies athletes demonstrate wrist strengthening exercises.

Typing at a keyboard. Texting on a phone. Driving in the car. Your wrists are involved in almost every physical movement that you do, both inside the gym and out. Despite the ubiquity of wrist movements in daily life, most people do not spend nearly enough time taking care of their wrists. As the adage

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What to Do When You Lack Motivation for Training

What to Do When You Lack Motivation for Training 2

Bumps in the road...we all come across them every once in a while in our training. It is only natural to have ups and downs along the path, and you are just as likely to experience days where you stroll into the gym ready to crush your workout as you are down days. Days when we

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