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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is bodyweight training effective for building muscle?
    There are two different types of muscle that you can put on. Bodyweight training is most effective at building muscle density. Think incredibly strong but lean like a gymnast. Muscle size is more common in bodybuilding but can also be done with special programming of bodyweight training.
  • Is bodyweight training enough?
    Bodyweight training is so effective that weight training is not required at all. Some students choose to supplement their weight training with bodyweight work while others do not weight train at all. It comes down to your goals and having a good program like GymFit to progress you properly.
  • Why are bodyweight exercise as effective as weight training?
    The short answer is that the body doesn’t care whether your resistance comes from a weight or creating load through bodyweight progressions. Bodyweight workouts focus on maximal muscle contraction which makes the muscle more efficient and thus stronger.
  • Can you build muscle without a gym?
    Absolutely. Many students workout at home with minimal equipment or at playgrounds or parks. Some skills and exercises do require equipment to learn, but for most everything the best piece of equipment is your own body!
  • Can you maintain muscle with bodyweight exercises?
    Yes, though it depends on whether your mobility is in line with your strength. If you are too tight while being very strong, you are very likely to get injured. In this scenario, we put muscle gains on maintenance while building the proper mobility. The benefit of good mobility is that you’ll be able to use the muscle in larger ranges of motion and so will be even stronger long term.