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Found 3 results

  1. William Trask

    Thrive Level 1 & GB Foundations Review

    Fundamentals: May 26th thru June 18, 2016 Foundation 1: Started June 13th, 2016 Handstand 1: Started July 12th, 2016 Stretch Series (Front Splits, Thoracic Bridge & Middle Splits): Started June 23rd, 2016 I found Gymnastic Bodies via the Tim Ferriss Podcast. See when I was 12-13 years old my brother and I saw someone do a handstand pushup. We immediately went home and gave it a try. As the oldest, I went first. After arriving in a wall assisted handstand, my brother held my ankles and said "Now try lower your head to the hardwood floor, I'll help you back up." Having essentially no gymnastics background (except 1-yr as a 3rd grader) and laughable upper body strength, I promptly cracked my head on the floor... Ever since that moment, the dream of a handstand push has been there, I just never had the strength or focus on the "how to" attain it. Fast forward a couple decades, I'm about to turn 37, have three kids (8yr, 6yr, and 4yr olds) and a lovely wife, and I listen to @Coach Sommer discuss Gymnastic Bodies with Tim Ferriss. I can't tell you how much this reignited my dream of a handstand pushup! My daughter as any little girl is all about handstands and cartwheels and keeps asking me to try them with her. So I mentally committed to Gymnastic Bodies with a goal of achieving a handstand pushup by the time I turn 40-years-old. Starting with Fundamentals, I quickly became hooked! Thru soccer and cycling one of my limiting factors has always been my lack of mobility/flexibility. I've always wanted to practice stretching or yoga, but never was consistent and thus left with several mobility deficits identified by the Fundamentals program. Wanting to get serious I bought Thrive and Foundation 1. I can't say thank you enough to @Jeff Serven for being strict and methodical by how he allows people to progress thru Level 1 of Thrive! I've tried to eat well but for some reason lacked consistency and something clicked with the Thrive approach! It took awhile to advance thru every step, but my dedication to Gymnastic Bodies and Thrive has been very rewarding! I wanted to publicly express my gratitude for Jeff and Coach for providing a rock solid program! You guys are awesome and have cultivated an awesome community here at Gymnastic Bodies. Additional shoutouts to @Ryan Bailey and @Jon Douglas who have been very helpful thru the forum. Additionally, thanks to the whole GB team that has worked on the newest web update to the program! I really like it!
  2. Alexis Solis

    Opinion on Stall Bars

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a good pair of stall bars and I like these very much. http://tdgymequipment.com/?product=stall-bars Although I am a little bit concerned about the size and measurements. Are they ok? What do you guys think? Also... there's a video of this guy making these. Here's the link: Thanks in advance.
  3. Navi Guerra

    Wood Vs. Polycarbonate Rings

    I started gymnastics a little while ago and i really like the rings. I am going to set up my own rings at my house. I am wondering which is better, wood rings or metal, polycarbonate, and plastic rings? I will be doing mostly strength trainings and maybe some swings stuff as i progress. Can someone help me that has tried both.
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