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Found 2 results

  1. Luke Searra

    Tokyo GymnasticsBodies Strength

    Anyone that would like to do Gymnsticsbodies Strength Training for fun in Tokyo, please contact me. -Luke
  2. Kurt Blumenfeld

    Tumbling meetup in Iwakuni, Japan

    Hello, so I've been out here in Japan for two years now and I haven't had much luck finding gyms that are either open when I'm off work or aren't very expensive each time I go (<$50 usd). So I've kind of given up on that. What I'd like to do now is get some people with a little bit of background in gymnastics or tricking or whatever other acrobatic sport you can think of and meet up in one of the many public parks out here to practice whatever we're working on in the grass. Obviously it's a little less safe than a gym and I don't want someone to try and do a backflip there for the first time, but that's what we've got to work with to my knowledge. I've created a meetup.com group called Iwakuni Tricking/Tumbling and I'll post there in advance whenever my friends and I plan to go out and practice. It's almost always in a public park so all you'll ever have to worry about is transportation. Anyone in the area is welcome to join in, if your English isn't perfect, well, that's what Google translate and miming are for. I really look forward finding new people to work out with!

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