Upgrade Your Mobility and
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Are you ready to increase your flexibility and experience what a fuller range of life can be?

Gaining increased flexibility not only feels great, it impacts your life with many health benefits.

Using our fun and highly effective Stretch Series, you can experience increased strength and stamina in your workouts as well as better circulation and improved posture.

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The added benefit? The stretches are designed to help to alleviate your chronic aches and pains in the process.

Whether running, weightlifting or outdoor adventuring, stretching will help you to open up from continuous repetitive patterns of movement.

Having great mobility gives you the competitive edge by making you more agile and able to recover from athletic activities faster. When others are hitting a wall, you can keep going.

Shift into your mobility and body awareness and find an increased range of motion.

What’s all this talk about active mobility. Think of it this way, what’s the point of being able to stretch if you are unable to actively use that range of motion elsewhere?

Our Courses build strength into your flexibility for a complete approach to your mobility.

Avoid common mistakes during your stretch session with Coach’s Corner. Simply click, clarify and once you’ve got it, get right back to your workout.

Have a question? We’ve got the answer. Access our supportive online community within our private forum filled with students just like you on the path to greater flexibility and balance.

Our GST coaches will be right by your side each step of the way if you have ANY questions.

Move into your NEW quality of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Often Should I Do Each Follow Along Workout?

    Each of the three follow along stretch sessions are designed to be done once a week, to gradually increase your flexibility.

    Does the Stretch Series Contain Progressions?

    Many of the stretches have modifications in Coach’s Corner to reduce the intensity, allowing you to build up to the more advanced progressions. When it comes to your flexibility it’s important to remember that progress is made gradually.

    Are Stretches the Same Each Week?

    Each Stretch session has a unique sequence. Consistency is the key and your goal is to steadily increase your range of motion in each of the stretches over a period of time.

    What is the Difference Between Flexibility and Mobility?

    It’s actually quite simple. Flexibility is passive range of motion while mobility requires strength to be built and exhibited throughout that full range of motion while opening muscles, joints and connective tissue.

  • When Can I Expect to Master the Splits and Thoracic Bridge?

    Great question! The time it takes to master your flexibility will depend on a variety of factors, but we are confident that you will see and feel the difference with your mobility if you dedicate consistent time to following the series each week.

    How Does the Series Work?

    In addition to your follow along workouts, you have access to technique tips and scaling videos for each exercise as well as our course forum and complimentary video review service. Our resources are here to support you and ensure confidence and success through every workout.

    I Currently Have No Flexibility.

    Many of our students started in the same place with limited mobility. The Stretch Series is designed to guide you to success! Each session will begin with the most basic stretches and will gradually build to more advanced stretches. No matter what your level of ability is, you will immediately begin to see incredible progress in your flexibility and mobility.

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Stretch Series Courses are designed to help to alleviate your chronic aches and pains while improving athletic performance.

$255$225.00 USD


Combat effects of sitting by opening up shoulders and thoracic spine in a full range of motion. Stretches lead to
Thoracic Bridge.

$85 USD


Develop active range of motion and find relief in glutes, inner thighs, adductors, piriformis, hips and lower back. Stretches lead to Middle Split and Pancake.

$85 USD


A perfect companion for athletes, and office workers with tight quads, hip flexors, feet, calves and hamstrings. Stretches lead to
Pike and Front Split.

$85 USD