Welcome to an easier, more intuitive Foundation One

We’ve listened to you and made some exciting updates to the NEW course interface that we know you are going to LOVE. Discover new tools for your success with the only course in the world which creates customized follow along videos based on your personal workout results.

Fitness Tailored to YouTM.

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New Feature:
Fullscreen Autoplay

Experience your full Foundation One playlist without interruption and in fullscreen whenever you click your workout on the dashboard.

The most epic part of this, is that no matter what pace you progress at, the follow along workout will reflect the exact sets and reps for your physical abilities.

New Organizer:
Set Your Workout Days

We’ve made it easy to remember which days you plan to do a given workout on. Use Coach Sommer’s recommended schedule or create your own.

More Control Over Workouts

When you log your workout via smileys, the changes will reflect in the next workout instead of only on Mondays. With more control, you can advance at the pace you need until you find just the right level.

And Much More

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  • Smart Programming
  • Customized Workouts
  • Free Video Review
  • Free In-Course
  • Choose Your
  • Workout History
  • Upgrade Easily
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m finished with your first course, Fundamentals. Now what?

    Congratulations on finishing our introductory course! You’ve now got the basics down and have discovered some general mobility deficits which is great! We’re excited to help you address them and get stronger with Foundation One.

    Is Foundation One right for me?

    It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from, we all could use a stronger core, upper and lower body. If you are interested in improving your quality of life or movement for athletics, then this course is for you. Our proven program will systematically teach you step by step, how to train your body the most effective way.

  • Can I continue to lift weights with Foundation One?

    Absolutely. We have many successful students who are also passionate about Weight lifting. Lifting weights can be done simultaneously with Foundation One when applied at the proper time during training. In most cases, lifting tends to tighten the body. It’s our recommendation for you to build solid mobility and strength by focusing on your Gymnastic Strength Training using Foundation One. Once you begin seeing and feeling results with your new strength and mobility (which we know you will quickly), you can slowly add in your lifting. Just make sure you are paying close attention to your mobility as you do.

    Mobility is a struggle for me, is Foundation One going to help?

    You are not alone. Most adults experience aches, pains, and tightness when they try to perform simple tasks like reaching overhead, squatting, or sitting on the floor. The good news? You can begin fixing your lack of mobility by increasing the frequency of your mobility work. Foundation One incorporates both strength and mobility into your follow-along workouts so your body can adapt accordingly. We will help you to beat the status quo in the fitness world, and train for both strength and mobility.

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Foundation One now has hundreds of follow along workouts. You can train with complete confidence by simply following the GB instructors with videos reflecting the exact sets and reps from your unique workout schedule.


Designed for ease of use, this is the recommended course for those starting with Gymnastic Strength Training

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Foundation Series One, Two, Three & Four online personal training courses. Get progressively stronger and master your core, upper body and lower body strength.


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Foundation Two Online Course


Foundation 1

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Foundation 1, 2 & 3

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