GymnasticBodies changes the dynamics of a traditional workout.  By focusing on mobility and strength simultaneously, you’re stimulating both mind and muscle; effectively improving your overall health.

Our mission is to provide a unique fitness experience, an opportunity for self discovery, and an inspiring social atmosphere.

GymnasticBodies Heritage

btgb_-_hardcopy_1-229x300Our story began with a simple article on Gymnastic Building the Gymnastic Body : The Science of Gymnastic Strength Training™ in 2003. Fitness enthusiasts responded by email asking for more and GymnasticBodies began. In the years since, tens of thousands have benefited from the knowledge of Coach Sommer’s 40 years as a USA JR National Team Coach. Entire new trends in bodyweight training and culture have formed as a result of GymnasticBodies and many students have become successful both in physical prowess and in life. As the student base grew, so did the resources GymnasticBodies made available. Once only a book and some DVDs, the curriculum has expanded into seminars and over 15 GST™ online courses, half of which have already been released, and the remaining are in process.

Gymnasts are Superheroes

Why such an enormous response to a single article? Quite simply, the world has always been astounded at the physique and athleticism of Olympic Gymnasts. But prior to GymnasticBodies, the world of elite gymnastics remained completely separate from everyday people. Many adults made the assumption that the amazing gymnasts performing ring strength and other unbelievable feats simply were a lucky few who possessed ‘the right stuff’ to become superheroes. They lacked the knowledge and training to take advantage of the aesthetic and athletic benefits of gymnastics. UnlockYourPotential-300x300Unlike comic superheroes, ours are built over time from everyday people. With Coach Sommer’s genius, the ‘right stuff’ is not purely genetics but rather a structured, progressive approach to fitness. The conditioning that created hundreds of National, State and Regional champions has been adapted and scaled in a way that bridges the poor flexibility and strength of most adults with the possibilities opened up by high level gymnastics. You are in the unique position to take advantage of all these decades of knowledge and success. All that is required is a desire to better yourself and some consistent work.