Tim Ferriss interviews GymnasticBodies Coach Christopher Sommer in Highly Anticipated Podcast

Tim Ferriss Interviews Coach Sommer

Tim Ferriss has quickly become one of the top-noted motivators of our time. With National acclaim for his Podcasts, celebrity interviews and creation of an approachable yet intelligent model of self-help culture, Tim’s reach is massive.

He has been named one of the “Most Innovative Business People” by Forbes Magazine and the 7th “Most Powerful Personality” on Newsweek’s Power Index. There is no doubt that his reputation and life’s work make him a world-class leader and dynamic visionary.

A thought-leader with a raging following, Tim has reached celebrity status and success after receiving rave reviews by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as a Best Selling Author. His work includes, The 4-Hour WorkweekThe 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef

Though a highly recognized writer, Tim’s ‘long suit’ is Podcasts. He has interviewed power players in every arena including; Ed Norton, funny man Jamie Foxx, actor and director Kevin Costner, successful businessman Arnold Schwarzenegger, comic Margaret Cho, four-star US Army General Stan McChrystal, international advisor to royalty and politicians Tony Robbins and CEO of a large-scale global research company that solves market failures, Dr. Peter Diamandis. The list goes on.

Ferriss only interviews the best of the best in every field. As such, he only endorses those he considers at the top of their class in their industry. His accolade, elite associations and interviews make him not only a celebrity, but also the translator of innovative and conscious living to the mainstream public. He has transformed the way we reflect about and take action in our lives, to offer the everyday person a chance to become their best self.

And now, we’re excited to announce that Ferriss has sought out the founder of GymnasticBodies.com, our very own Coach Christopher Sommer.

Coach Sommer has built an empire in the modern-day fitness industry with his extensive 40 years of experience as a former USA National Team Coach. He used his real training experiences to create GymnasticBodies, and develop Gymnastic Strength Training™: a fitness method with top-notch programming for adults and athletes alike.

Coach has taken his genius knowledge of athletes and the human body to teach, train, and create a highly-efficient and sustainable fitness program, accessible to the everyday person. He wrote the book Building The Gymnastic Body: The Science of Gymnastic Strength Training  which he has expanded into the revolutionary GB Online Courses with the most active bodyweight forum in the world.

A world-renowned coach and visionary, Sommer and his system of GST™ has gained so much interest and admiration, he was asked to share his work with Tim Ferriss. 

GymnasticBodies is honored to be on this ride with Tim – and we are eagerly anticipating the interview alongside you. 

Thanks for being a part of our powerfully expanding and dynamic community of GST™. We’re excited to reach even further on the podcast platform by sharing our knowledge and bringing it to the forefront so that it can continue to make a large impact in the world of sustainable fitness.

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